Science Lab Modules

Life Science 7th; Earth Science 8th; Biology 9th – 12th; Chemistry 10th – 12th; Physics 10th – 12th 

Grade level variations from what is listed above must be by Principal approval.



  • Wednesdays, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Modules which do not have the minimum number of students as of August 19 will be cancelled and NOT offered later in the year.
  • Each in an 8-week modules, the instructor will cover the labs above.
  • After 30 years of experience, we can say that it doesn’t matter that they probably won’t be in sync with the textbook. However, the student MUST be doing the textbook work for the module in which they register. For example, if you sign up for the Earth Science labs, you are expected to be doing a standard Earth Science text.
  • After people sign up for these labs, Mrs. Hancock will determine which time period will go with each module.


  • New Covenant School

Cost Per Student

  • $15 registration fee
  • $48 per student per module
  • Materials Fee of...
    • Life Science - $30
    • Earth Science - $25
    • Biology - $35
    • Physical Science- $15
    • Chemistry - $20
    • Physics - $20


  • Must be able to write a complete sentence.
  • For individual modules:
    • Life Science – no math requirement
    • Earth Science –Math 8 or pre-Algebra or above.
    • Chemistry – should have completed Algebra II
    • Physics – should have completed Trigonometry by the start of class. Physics labs will be done during the 2nd semester to give students time to do more math.

Registration Deadline

July 22, 2017 at 2pm


  • Labs will be done using Bob Jones labs. We suggest using the corresponding textbook, but it is not required. Please note: A Beka’s Physical Creation textbook is not a physical science textbook. It is a textbook for General Science III.
  • For each class, the student will be required to bring their lab notebook (see prerequisites and 1st materials requirement above).
  • Pencils,
  • Ruler (cm/in),
  • Textbook
  • For Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science, a 4-function calculator is required.


Modules or labs will be covered by other qualified individuals.

Dress Code

  • Students should wear clothing that allows them to move freely.  No shorts. No sleeveless shirts. No flip-flops.
  • Also, boys must wear long pants to all classes; girls must wear long pants or a long skirt at all classes.  
  • All shirts must be long enough to cover the tops of pants/skirts when the student's arms are fully extended above the head.

Other information

  • I will cover the required lab material for each module.

  • There will be homework assignments of about an hour’s length each week. Student will, of course, be progressing through their text as well, doing all the normal course materials.

  • Students who are routinely late turning in assignments will be dropped from the class, with no refund of fees, registration, or tuition.

  • Students who are routinely late arriving or departing will be dropped from the class, with no refund of fees, registration, or tuition. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BE ON TIME FOR the beginning time of THESE LABS as well as be on time for pick-up afterwards.